Conférence sur l’avenir des études stratégiques à Londres, Goodenough College, 18-19 septembre 2019

Le GoodEnough College organise avec le soutien de Coriolis Technologies une conférence rassemblant des universitaires spécialistes en études stratégiques, des militaires britanniques, de hauts-fonctionnaires du ministère de la Défense du Royaume-Uni et des industriels des nouvelles technologies pour discuter de « The Future of Strategic Studies » les 18 et 19 septembre à Londres (Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, Holborn, London WC1N 2AB).

Programme de la conférence : THE FUTURE OF STRATEGIC STUDIES

Voici la liste des tables rondes :

  • War, peace and world orders

Moderator: Prof. Beatrice Heuser, Author of ‘The
Evolution of Strategy’ and Chair of International Relations at the University of Glasgow.
Participants: Dr Masashi Okuyama (Aoyama Gakuin University), Dr Derek Yuen (University of Hong Kong)

  • Nuclear Strategy in the Age of Complexity

Moderator: Oliver Barton (Principle Policy Analyst, DSTL, MoD)
Participants: Dr. Hiroshi Nakatani (Independent Researcher); Dr Andrew Futter (University of Leicester)

  • Conflict and economics

Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Harding, CEO Coriolis Technologies Ltd
Participants: Dr. Dennis DeTray, (Nazarbayev University Board of Directors, Kazakhstan); Marie-Hélène Bérard (CEO, MHB SAS); Alexon Bell (Founder and CEO, Quantexa); Jack Harding (Glasgow University, Head of Strategy, Coriolis Technologies Ltd).

  • The future of war

Moderator: Prof. Christopher Coker, (LSE) author of the ‘Rise of the Civilizational State’ and ‘Rebooting Clausewitz’
Prof. David Betz, (King’s College London); Dr. Bleddyn Bowen (University of Leicester)

  • Intelligence and counterterrorism

Moderator: Professor Julian Richards, University of Buckingham and Director of Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies
Dr Claudia Hillebrand, Senior Lecturer in International Relations

  • Diplomacy

Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Harding, CEO Coriolis Technologies Ltd
Participants: Thomas Matussek, Former German ambassador to UK and former Permanent Representative of Germany to the UN. Stephen Evans, Former UK ambassador to Afghanistan and former NATO Assistant Secretary General for Operations.