Mme Alice PANNIERRetour à l'annuaire

Nationalité : Française
Science Politique

Assistant Professor of International Relations and European Studies
The Johns Hopkins University - Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

1619 Massachussets Ave NW
Johns Hopkins University
20036 Washington D.C
Principales publications

“The Anglo-French Defence Partnership after the ‘Brexit’ Vote: New Incentives and New Dilemmas”,
Global Affairs, Vol.2, No.5, 2017, p.481-490;
“From one Exceptionalism to Another: France’s Strategic Relations with the United States and the United Kingdom in the post-Cold War Era”, Journal of Strategic Studies, Vol.40, No.4, 2016, p.475-504;
“Le ‘minilatéralisme’: Une Nouvelle Forme de Coopération de Défense” Politique Etrangère, 1/2015, p.37-48;
“Institutionalised Cooperation and Policy Convergence in European Defence: Lessons from the Relations between France, Germany and the United Kingdom”, European Security, Vol.23, No.3, 2014, p.270-289 (avec O. Schmitt);
“Understanding the Workings of Interstate Cooperation in Defence: An exploration into Franco-British Cooperation after the Signing of the Lancaster House Treaty”, European Security, Vol.22, No.4, 2013, p.540-558.

Thèmes de recherche

Politiques de défense française et britannique
coopération européenne de défense
relations transatlantiques.

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